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Being able to rate your product isn’t exactly a unique proposition in 2017, but we were the first wine retailer to openly let customers review our wines. As a result, we’ve accumulated over 1 million ratings on our wine! 1 million! That’s a lot of comments.

Hopefully you’re all aware that if you rate a bottle you’ve previously purchased, you get a free bottle in your next case. A little thank you from us for taking the time to help us, whether it was a 1star rating…Or more likely a 5 star rating.

What you may not know is how we use your ratings to actually sculpt the range of wines we offer.  It’s all part of our #DrinkBetter campaign, using your comments to ensure we’re supplying the right wines to enable you to Drink Better on a regular basis.

How We use Your Ratings

We collect and analyse every single comment that is left, and with over 1 million and counting, that’s quite the challenge. We’re looking for trends and common themes, as well as keying in on the styles you enjoy, the styles that you’re not too fond of, and everything in between.. We look at the countries and regions that are reviewed well. We look at the blends that are popular and the blends that fail to hit the spot.

Once we’ve collected and analysed the numbers, all the feedback is passed on to our wine buyers.  As much as we love our wine buyers, their job is to find the wines that you’ll love, not necessarily the wines they love. However Dave, Andy and Alex are only too happy to oblige.

It’s not uncommon for the wine buyers to look at a popular blend from a certain region based on your ratings, and then approach a winemaker with the idea to create a brand new wine. In fact an example of that is the Fertuna Mazzarella 2014 – A wine that we blended with winemaker Paolo Rivella using classic Sangiovese with a little Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  All of this was based on the reviews we had collected and the comments that had been left by you.

Dave Roberts - Wine Buyer
Dave Roberts – Wine Buyer

“Our customer ratings are invaluable to us buyers. They allow us to tailor wines in the exact style that we’ve been told you like. This is not a homogenous approach. We take it region by region and wine by wine, tailor making our wines to suit you. Wine is of course subjective but by using your views we’re able to get it right more frequently”

Competition Time

To say a massive thank you we’re giving you the chance to win a 6 bottle case of top rated gems. All you have to do to enter is comment below with your top rated wine or wines from our range. It’s really that simple. We’ll pick a winner* at random on Friday 3rd of March at 3pm. Good luck!

*T&C’s apply. Must be 18 years or older and have a UK shipping address.


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  1. Alain Leger


    One of my favourite wines from Virgin Wines is the Castillo de Anna Gran Reserva. I have been buying this wine for at least 6-7 years and have never been disappointed. Always a 5 star for me. I’m also a big fan of the Marques de Valencia Gran Reserva which I have been drinking for the same length of time. I’m sure you’re beginning to see a pattern now…

  2. Phil Sanders


    Be it white or red that is your preference you can not go far wrong with any of the Billy Bosch wines.
    my personal favourite at the moment is Billy Bosch Western Cape Grenache Cinsault 2015 – i love the fully fruity/berry taste without the harsher background of the Shiraz but each to their own (there is nothing wrong with the Shiraz by the way – i would happy drink that too)
    If I had to choose only one wine to drink for the rest of my life i would not be too disappointed as long as this one was in the selection.

  3. Mark Campion


    I’m a fairly new member, but from what I’ve drink so far, I’d have to say I’ve enjoyed The Black Big Sauvignon Blanc the most.

  4. Kevin Frame


    I have been buying from Virgin Wines for several years now and really like the most of Perez Cruz and the Beneficio ranges but my favourite wine of the last six months has got to be the Conte di Campiano Negroamaro Salento IGT Passito 2015 it is just so rich, smooth and full bodied. Every time I ask my wife what wine she would like with dinner she always says “have we got any of that nice Appasimento left ?” fortunately I bought 16 bottles the last time !!

  5. Vespertine Old Vine Cab Sauv is my current favourite. Light, fruity, savoury and delicious. Is great with food or on its own.

  6. Jim Lyle


    Probably not the best wine from Virgin’s repertoire, but I really enjoy and recommend Tierra del Corazon Bio Bio Malbec Reserva. Rich in colour, full bodied but not overpowering and great value for money.

  7. I’m really enjoying the Little Black Pigs Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. Full bodied, gorgeous tasting and either partners well with fine food or consumed as a warming end of day tipple. Terrific value at under £9 a bottle for such great quality.

  8. Natalie Brassett


    My 5 star wine has to be the black pig Cabernet Sauvignon, absolutely delicious! Fruity with a chocolate it richness it’s Devine ! Xx

  9. Clive Smith


    I think Seppelt ‘The Victorians’ Shiraz Cabernet is the best accompaniment for watching Rugby, Soccer, Cricket or even Gardening that I have tasted for a long time – it is a FIVE STAR full house for me.

  10. Anonymous


    Jeanette……….my favourite wine at the moment is Gavi de Gavi. It has a slightly floral, citrus nose. The taste is pure & clean with gentle citrus and floral tastes. Non acidic but all the taste. Excellent!

  11. Jeanette Williams


    My favourite wine at the moment is Gavi de Gavi. It has a slightly floral, citrus nose. The taste is pure and clean with gentle citrus and floral tastes. Non acidic but plenty of taste. Excellent!

  12. Peter Dawson


    Any bottle and any year from Albacore Reserve is a winner. One to take to friends for the next dinner party. I always get asked where they can buy a case or two. Always a winner

  13. David Hicks


    One of my consistent favourites has to be Perez Cruz wine makers choice but recently Terra Calda Primitivo hits all the right buttons and goes so well with grilled lamb!

  14. john corcoran


    favorite white Les Terrasses de L’Argentier Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc, the grapefruit tartness is right up my street,
    favorite reds, the Perez Cruz Cab Sauv & Hope Springs Shiraz Petit Verdot were the ones that made a particular impression time after time.

  15. Mrs Barbara Johnson


    Barbara Johnson
    I’ve been with virginwines for more years than I care too remember😳
    Their service has always been faultless in every aspect.
    My all time favourite is Benificio absolutely stunning wine 🍷 but I have too say Little Black a Pigs Cabernet Savigion is a nice change very fruity with chocolate overtones.

  16. Bruce Duncan


    My five star favourite must be Beneficio Winemakers Selection Grenache Shiraz 2013. Excellent fruit and good body. Great for most occasions, or a quiet night in.

  17. Favourite whites are The Black Pig Pinot Grigio and The Black Pig Sauvignon, but also love Bel Olivier and Les Terrasses de L’Argentier Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc. All of them are a great everyday/summer drinking white.
    I also developed a huge liking for The Black Pig Rose last summer. Don’t know what it is about that wine but it’s unbelievably drinkable and I don’t normally like rose!
    The Black Pig red wines also win for us, especially 16 Little Black Pigs. But for a good everyday, easy to drink, superb value red then it has to be McGuigan Black Label Merlot.

  18. Jo Burdett


    Little Black Pig Cabernet Sauvignon and Marquez de Valencia Grab Reserva are my favourites in the reds.
    Little Black Pig Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. In the whites.
    Every Rjora I have received has been excellent . Haven’t had a bad wine from you

  19. At £29.99 the Heritage du Seuil 2009 is pricey for some, but an absolute steal at any price. Velvety smooth, a finish that lingers, berry, satined luxury.
    At £9.99 The Vinitor Reserve Californian Malbec 2014 was a recommendation by my Virgin Wine bod, Stuart – and was he ever right – when Californian’s do it right, they really nail it and at this price it is an easy drinking single varietal with bags of flavour, no nasty edges and goes wonderfully with lamb, sausages or by itself.
    Due Colline is still my favourite Prosecco, bar none – and I try different brands a lot.
    And to round it off as we slip into spring, two low alcohol (5%) wines leap to the top of my shopping list – Araldica Moscato d’Asti 2015 – peaches in a bottle with a light fizzante and the longest aftertaste that is just heavenly – and Araldica Brachetto d’Acqui Il Cascinone 2014 – ripe berries that manages to be both sweet and sharp, but not acidic, at the same time and absolutely bursting with Italian personality.
    Great wine.
    Great service.

  20. Tim Green


    I’m relatively new to virgin wines but have been so impressed so far. We have been working our way though the first case and have fell in love with three little pigs. It’s a very easy to drink red that has been going well with pasta dishes we have drunk it with.

  21. Anonymous


    My absolute favourite is 16 Little Black Pigs, bowled me over with its luscious, fruity, smooth and eminently Quaffable red wine.
    Coming in a close 2nd is any red from Billy Bosch

  22. Tim B.


    I was recently astounded by the Spanish Cleanskin 2013. Simply sublime tempranillo – intense vanilla, strawberry and oaken nose followed up with a rich and full bodied tobacco, plum and strawberry depth. I left it to breathe for a hour and thoroughly enjoyed 1/2 the bottle, I then left in the fridge overnight with the air vacuumed out as I do with any unfinished red. I then warmed it naturally to about 14 degrees the following evening and it was even more magnificent!!! This wine has to be sipped and caressed – encore. Can hardly imagine how even better it will be in a year or two (I have a couple tucked away but will find it so difficult to resist popping their corks)
    I buy most of my wine from Virgin Wines and can’t beat them for value and quality – at least 12 bottles a month with 20% off thanks to wine plan plus a free bottle every time as I always rate a wine with every case purchased. All that and free delivery.!
    PS just love the Black Pig reds range year after year with ‘The Prize 2012 Shiraz’ as one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted.

  23. Anonymous


    My favourite wine at the moment has to be the ‘Seppelt The Victorians Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2013’. Warm, rich and fruity – delicious!

  24. Recently enjoyed hugely the Albacore Reserve Shiraz. Excellent fruity wine, must get round to rating it.

  25. Suzanna


    Beneficio Shiraz is a 5 star favourite in my house! I also loved the Cherry Block Padthaway Shiraz, but haven’t seen it in stock for a while, I hope it will be back soon!

  26. Mick Dann


    I’ve had a few bottles of Billy Bosch Western Cape Reserve Merlot 2016, which I really like, others lucky enough have a glass when the bottles have been open have also commented on how good it is. The Intrepid Bear Reserve Shiraz Zinfandel 2015 has also been a personal favourite.

  27. Nick Fuller


    For us the little black pig cabernet sauvignon is always good value in terms of quality to price.

  28. Michael Bartlett


    De Martino Reserva Enigma 4 was the first wine I opened from the recent ” Blockbuster Reds ” Case I bought. I was not disappointed. This wine ticked all the boxes for me, 14% Alcohol, within my price range, and tasted great ! Actually I was very pleased with the whole case, and have struggled to find another case on offer from Virgin that I like as much, including from the WineBank and other Clubs. So I will await a future “Blockbuster Red” case in another month, and Bank my money in the meantime.

  29. Michael Parker


    My favourite (so far – I’m not finished yet!) has to be 16 Little Black Pigs Shiraz – a nice full, strong, yet easy drinking shiraz that has me coming back time and time again. Please keep stocking this great value shiraz!

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