World of Wine: Group B Ends with English Elimination

World Cup of Wine: Group B

Last week group A was decided with France and Romania heading to the knockout stages . 16 wine-making countries battling it out to be crowned World of Wine champion. If you missed the first post, you can read all about it HERE. Group A was a close competition from start to finish and group B is no different. Unfortunately England again were left wondering what happened and what could have been done.

This may have been one of the toughest groups to call, two powerhouses of the wine World with an up and coming country in South Africa and an England that produces fine wine but in much smaller quantities. All of these wines were tasted blind, and to ensure fairness we didn’t reveal to the judges which countries were which. After seeing the disappointment of England crash out of the World Cup in Brazil, we couldn’t chance a little bias creeping in.

Australia got off to a brilliant start, defeating Italy with a score of 2-1. Dave Roberts called the Italian representative “clean with simple fruit” but awarded a point to the Australian number because it had a “nice concentration of fruit, lovely texture and the age was showing well”. Business Development Manager Andrew Potts agreed, calling the Australian wine a “fruit-driven wine that much be expensive”. Only Wine Advisor Alex Davies scored in favour of the Italian wine saying it was “fresh, clean, balanced, simple and very good”.

Australia and Italy did race into the knockout stages however South Africa and England can hold their heads up. Alex called the South African white a fresh offering with hints of peach. Dave agreed that is had nice fruit and Andrew managed to identify it quickly as the South African representative, saying it had “balanced acidity and tropical fruits. Everyone was impressed with the English offering, with most saying it tasted as good as any continental Sparkling/Champagne offering.


Italy 1-2 Australia

England 1-2 South Africa

Italy 2-1 England

Australia 2-1 South Africa

Italy 2-1 South Africa

Australia 3-0 England




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