World of Wine: Group A Closes With French Domination

World of Wine: Group A

Last week we introduced our World of Wine competition. 16 wine-making countries battling it out to be crowned World of Wine champion. If you missed the first post, you can read all about it HERE. However to ensure we get through the competition, we decided to release our group A results a little ahead of the actual competition.

At the end of the competition, we’ll reveal exactly which wines were representing which countries. However for now we must keep that secret for the knock-out stages of the competition. Group A saw some titans of the wine-making world come together and surprisingly Argentina fell at the first hurdle.

With three virgin employees casting their judgement towards the wine, the following results ensued:

France 3-0 Argentina

Portugal 1-2 Romania

France 3-0 Portugal

Argentina 1-2 Romania

France 3-0 Romania

Argentina 2-1 Portugal

Alex Davies 1

Competition favourites France steam-rolled the group failing to register a single votes against their offering. Wine advisor Alex Davies commented that the French wine was ‘clean with superb minerality’. Wine Buyer Dave Roberts agreed adding that it had a lovely zesty element that made it victorious. It was no surprise to see France come to the forefront in this group, however it may be a surprise to some to see Romania triumph over both Portugal and Argentina.

Romania has been making a surge as of late and that’s represented in our expanding range of wine from Dracula country. Business Development Manager Andrew Potts described the Romanian entry as a sweet, aromatic red, while Roberts added it was an easy, fruit-forward offering that was slightly sour on the finish. However it did enough to gain victory over the ‘spicy’ Argentinian number and the ‘dark, rich’ offering from Portugal.

Both France and Romania will progress to the knock-out stages where the competition is sure to get fierce! Join us early next week for the results from Group B which sees Italy, England, Australia and South Africa battle it out for the top two spots.


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