Wines We Love – Tierra del Corazon Chardonnay Reserva 2011

A few months ago I was enjoying a bottle of my usual tipple in the form of a huge red wine known as The Black Pig when my friend mentioned that I never have any white wines in my collection. After explaining that I am not a white wine drinker I started thinking, “is that the case or do I need to broaden my horizons?” And so the search began.

I have always enjoyed the more complex and heavy taste that you would expect from Aussie wines so I thought I’d start there. After trying one or two (or three or four) I found myself getting bored with the simplistic varieties I had come across. So, back to the reds.

Then I just happened to be at a wine tasting at the Excel Centre in London where on display was a familiar label on an unfamiliar wine, the Tierra Del Corazon Chardonnay Reserva.

I knew that I had tried the Pinot Noir, a Chilean wine that is both light and bold and one I would also recommend, made from the same vineyard but had no idea that the Chardonnay was available. So what else should I have done? I got myself a glass!

What hit me when I took a sip was an intense, crisp and perfectly balanced wine with enough staying power to rival many of my favourite reds! What shocked me most was that what I tasted felt like completely new take on such a well know variety, almost to the point that I could have been excused for mistaking it for a completely different type of wine.

This wine has a massive impact on the palette. When you try it you will be unable to miss the outstanding taste of melon, peach and apple which work perfectly against the citrus acidity to make it smooth and clean on the taste buds. Absolutely perfect for a sunny barbecue with friends and impressive enough to take to any dinner party, the Tierra Del Corazon Chardonnay Reserva is a mind changing wine that has started me on a new path of wine drinking.


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