Wines We Drink – Stuart Brown

Working for a wine company, you do begin to love the wines on offer – mainly because we get to taste one or two here and there. So next up is Online Marketing Manager Stuart, who takes us through some of the wines he loves, as well as some of the habits he doesn’t!

I don’t wear a shirt or tie, but didn’t want to scare you with a real life picture!

Name: Stuart Brown

Job title: Online Marketing Manager

Favourite grape type: Barbera

Favourite bottle of bubbly for celebrating: Veuve Cliquot

Best wine and food combo: Spaghetti bolognese, Barbera and more Barbera.

Wine producing country you would most like to visit: Chile – I’ve always wanted to go there. I’ve always wanted to walk the Inca trail and I like their wine.

Most used phrase in the office: *Expletive deleted*

Phrase you dislike the most: Lol or Blue-sky thinking.

Best thing about your job: Me like websites, me like t’internet. Me get to work on them.

How do you take your tea/coffee: 16 times an hour. Preferably made by someone else.

Top 3 wines of the moment: Difficult. I could put 10 wines in here. But let’s go for:

1) Il Cascinone Rive Barbera 2009

Il Cascinone Rive Barbera


“I have visited Claudio Manera at Araldica vineyards several times since I started working at Virgin Wines, and I stay in Il Cascinone when I’m out there. So, there’s great memories attached to drinking this wine.”

2) Evohe Garnacha Vinas Viejas 2010

Evohe Garnacha Vinas Viejas

“In my opinion, quite possibly the most delicious wine I’ve ever drunk in my life. Alongside a board filled with cold meats and cheeses, it’s amazing.”

3) Famille Perrin Luberon Blanc 2011

Famille Perrin Luberon Blanc

“Sampled this in the office a while back, and within minutes had spent my hard earned cash on a case of it. The case didn’t even last a fortnight. Great wine.”


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