Wines We Drink – Sophie Lord


Name: Sophie Lord
Job title: Senior Wine Advisor
Favourite grape type: Shiraz

Favourite bottle of bubbly for celebrating: Laurent Perrier Brut NV
Best wine and food combo: Stilton & Sauternes. If you have never tried this salty & sweet combo, you should give it a try!
Wine producing country you would most like to visit: Chile. I’ve been once before, but I’d love to go again!
Most used phrase in the office: *hiccup* – this isn’t due to wine tasting, but because I am incredibly prone to hiccups.
Phrase you dislike the most: (I don’t have one I’m afraid)
Best thing about your job: I get the opportunity to try lots of amazing wines. This is so that I can describe them to customers – but I find this perk of the job truly exciting. Although you may know roughly what to expect, it is thrilling when something surpasses your expectations or isn’t quite what you were anticipating.
How do you take your tea/coffee: I only drink coffee, and it has to be strong & milky. Sometimes with sugar, sometimes without (it depends if I need a pick me up) – but always adding the milk before the boiling water.
Top 3 wines of the moment:


Seraph Reserve Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Signos de Origen Casablanca Valley Syrah 2010


Tabali Payen 2008


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