Wines We Drink – Charlene Cumbers


Name: Charlene Cumbers
Job title: Business Development Manager
Favourite grape type: Sauvignon Blanc
Favourite bottle of bubbly for celebrating: Laurent Perrier Rose – It’s pink and makes me appear younger when I call it LPR!
Best wine and food combo: I absolutely love Scallops or any type of seafood so mine would be Lemon and Garlic Scallops with Kiki Sparkling Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – It complements the zesty lemon in the fish and who could resist a Marlborough Sauvignon let alone a sparkling one!

Wine producing country you would most like to visit: New Zealand
Most used phrase in the office: I am a bit of a potty mouth so most used phrase(excluding the obvious) is “fine, I’ll put the money in the swear jar”
Phrase you dislike the most: I guess it has to be “did you see the football last night” I am surrounded by guys in the office and feel myself slowly slipping in and out of consciousness when they start to discuss the weekend’s football fixtures!
Best thing about your job: Excluding drinking and tasting new wines from around the world – it has to be “Joe Average!” – a Friday afternoon game show I created for the New Business Team. We all join in and answer questions based on UK averages and the winner gets the profits from my swear jar! – It’s riveting stuff!
How do you take your tea/coffee: In a mug
Top 3 wines of the moment:


Fromm La Strada Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2010


An acidic gooseberry laden ‘sucker punch’ balanced beautifully with an earthy minerally finish!


Rangers Estate Adelaid Hills Shiraz


It’s a really think, heavy and spicy wine with dark red fruits – perfect with a juicy steak…mmmmm!

Perez Cruz

Perez Cruz Winemakers Selection


Typical Chilean class – everything you would expect!


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