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Name:  Andy Potts

Job title:  Business Development Manager

Favourite grape type: Too many brilliant grapes to choose from, but I do really love Cabernet Franc

Favourite bottle of bubbly for celebrating:  Ridgeview Bloomsbury or Bollinger Rose

Best wine and food combo:  A top-class Rioja Crianza with pork belly and chorizo casserole…. or a classic, Oysters and Champagne.

Wine producing country you would most like to visit:  I have two, New Zealand and The Lebanon.

Most used phrase in the office: “beeaaarrrrgh!” – inspired by General Melchett (Stephen Fry), Blackadder Goes Fourth.

Phrase you dislike the most:  Any type of nonsense business jargon drives me mad, particularly “touching base” and “we’ll be parking this for now”!

Best thing about your job: Unquestionably, the people I work with…. very closely followed by the product!

How do you take your tea/coffee:  I’m on very dodgy ground with this question as I’m becoming more and more notorious for not making tea regularly enough! On that basis, I’ll take my tea however the lovely people from my team decide to make it!

Top 3 wines of the moment:  

Bressia Profundo

Bressia Profundo 2007


Caminito Cab Sauv Cabt Franc

Chateau du seuil graves rouge

Chateau du Seuil Graves Rouge


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