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UntitledName:  Aaron Moran

Job title:  Wine Advisor

Favourite grape type: Shiraz

Favourite bottle of bubbly for celebrating:  Ridgeview

Best wine and food combo:  Steak and Shiraz!

Wine producing country you would most like to visit: Australia, I have lots of family roots there so it would be a good excuse to do some soul searching as well sample some amazing wines!

Most used phrase in the office:  “whose turn is it to make the teas”

Phrase you dislike the most:   “Aaron, its your turn to make the teas”

Best thing about your job: The people! Each and every one of them!

How do you take your tea/coffee:  milk, no sugar if its coffee…. If its tea, I might have a cheeky sugar

Top 3 wines of the moment:

Dragon Hills Syrah 2012

<Dragon Hills

I tried this wine the other day during an in house Wine Tasting session and I was shocked. I had no idea what to expect from a Romanian Syrah and I think that added to the great surprise I had when I tasted it.

It’s everything you want from the grape. It’s big, bold, peppery and fruity but what really shocked me was the lightness hidden underneath the initial flavours. Its so smooth and light in body that this is not only great at room temperature but can also do very well when slightly chilled! What more could you want in the summer?

Coorong Sounds Padthaway Viognier 2012



There is nothing about this wine that I don’t like. Seriously, I love it!

It’s a brilliant example of what can be done with a relativity unfashionable grape when it is given the attention that it deserves by some very, very dedicated wine makers. It’s fruity, clean crisp and has great length to it. There’s at least one of these in every case I buy at the moment.

The Comeback Kid Adelaide Hills Chardonnay Verdelho 2011


Chardonnay is one of those ‘take it or leave it’ grapes for me but this one is amazing. The fact that, unlike chardonnays from other countries, it has no oak on it means that the grapes can speak for themselves and take all the credit for the intense yet clean texture and feel of the wine.


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