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Next up in our wines we drink feature is our customer services advisor Emma. We caught up with her and asked some important questions regarding wine, travel and tea!

Emma Blades VW

Name: Emma Blades
Job title: Customer Service Advisor
Favourite grape type: Sauvignon Blanc
Favourite bottle of bubbly for celebrating: Moet & Chandon Brut Rose NV because it’s pink and bubbly – what more could a girl want!
Best wine and food combo: Chateau du Seuil Cerons 2010 and Moroccan Chicken Bruschetta. I know it seems weird to put a Sauternes style wine with savoury food, but the spices in the chicken really bring out a freshness and hidden acidity but finishes off with a nice hit of honey. Go on…be brave and give it a go!
Wine producing country you would most like to visit: I’d love to go to the Rhone. I was lucky enough to visit Bordeaux last year and completely fell in love!
Most used phrase in the office: “No problem” I say it all the time, every day, on most calls! This is very annoying to everyone around me, so much so that I have a sticker on my computer screen to remind me not to say it!
Phrase you dislike the most: “New and Improved” OK, you trickster- Which one is it? If it’s new, it hasn’t been available long enough for improvements to be made. If it’s improved, it’s been available too long to be considered new. Grrr!
Best thing about your job: Easy… the wines! I never used to drink wine (or much else!) before starting with Virgin. Now I love the stuff! It fascinates me that you can take a grape grown in France and it’ll taste of minerals and grass and then take the same grape grown in Australia and it will taste like a tropical salad – A M A Z I N G! The staff aren’t too bad either!
How do you take your tea/coffee: Black & 1 sugar

Top 3 wines of the moment:
Humming Bird Semillon Verdelho 2011 – crisp, fruity, zingy and a fabulously creamy finish. Never mind the glass, just give me a bottle and really long straw.

Humming Bird Semillon Verdelho 2011

Chateau Grand Tayac Margaux Cru Bourgeois 2010 – I know it’s a little pricey, but it is well worth it to sample a wine from an iconic region and the vintage of the century. Brimming with juicy fruit and a hit of oak, this wine should be enjoyed in the true French way – with friends… in the garden… with a BBQ!

Chateau Grand Tayac Margaux Cru Bourgeois 2010

Belmonte Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2010 – Made in Cloudy Bay’s backyard, it has all the characteristics and refinement of a typical Kiwi Sauvignon, but without the HUGE price tag! So easy to drink it never lasts long in my house.

Belmonte Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2010


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