Wine To Pair With Classic Italian Lasagna

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Lasagna is steeped in centuries of history. I think there’s still a heavy debate as to whether it was created by the Greeks, us Brits or the Italians. But let’s face it, whoever it was, deserves a medal for their effort! Now, I’m not here to bore you with the origins, or give you yet another recipe. I’m here to talk about the good stuff; what wine you should be serving with this ‘go-to’ family favourite. That being said, for the love of all ovenproof dishes out there, please put a layer of sauce on the bottom first!

So now that I’ve saved you hours of scrubbing the dirty dishes, let’s channel our inner Garfield and delve into what wines you should have on the table alongside this flavoursome dish.

Wines To Pair With Lasagna

You definitely don’t have to go Italian when pairing a wine with Lasagna but I like to stick to tradition. If nothing below takes your fancy then a spicy Shiraz, or even a fruity Cabernet, are still good choices.

Araldica d’Aria Piemonte Barbera £7.99 a bottle

This is actually my go-to wine for most Italian dishes. I make a mean beef ragu and the juicy red fruit aromas of this Barbera complement it perfectly. This makes it a no brainer for a lasagna. It’s an easy drinker, something you could easily polish off with a few friends around the dinner table and then sulk as to why you didn’t purchase that second or third bottle. And best of all…it doesn’t break the bank doing it.

Scopetani Chianti DOCG – £9.99 a bottle

This predominantly Sangiovese blend has everything going for it. There’s an abundance of cherry fruit, perfectly kept in check with a subtle hint of spice. It’s going take your cheesy lasagna to the next level by balancing out the richness of that mountain of Parmigiano-Reggiano that I hope you’ve topped it with! Any left over? Then it’s a great cheese wine in general. Load up the cheese board and you’ll be laughing.

Morando Barolo DOCG – £18.99 a bottle

Enter the Godfather of Italian wines; 100% pure Nebbiolo goodness. Lashings of plumy fruit and delicious spice; this is THE wine to break out when you’ve put as much effort into making your lasagna as the team have put into making this wine. I’m talking that 3 hour slow cooked ragù, creamy homemade béchamel sauce & freshly made pasta kind of deal. That will really do this wine justice considering it’s had 3 years of hard graft put into it. You’ll be glad you took the plunge!


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  1. I tried the Chianti you recommended with Lasagna last week and can attest that i was an outstanding combination. Highly recommend.

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