Winemaking – More Art Than Science

Winemaking is often considered more art than science but the only piece of the puzzle that is visual comes in the form of the label. There have been numerous label commissions over the years, most famous being the labels of Chateau Mouton Rothschild where a new artist paints the label each vintage. Some of the finest artist’s to grace the planet have had a go, including Picasso, Tàpies, Francis Bacon and Dali!

The team at Las Moras have used a whole art movement as the focus of a new range and whether you are into that kind of thing or not it has a whole host of great images to go alongside it. Dadaism came to the fore in the early part of the 20th Century and was seen as anti-war and anti-bourgeois movement. I’ve stuck a few around the blog so you get the picture! The best and most important bit, as you can’t taste a label, is that the wine is fully awesome. All three wines have their own signature. Each alike, sharing the same principals, by capturing different aspects. I’ve jotted a few notes on each one below and these all come highly recommended.

Dada No1 Malbec Bonarda 2015 – Malbec is a current buzz word when it comes to red wine but to keep it interesting we’ve blended in a little Bonarda. A wine with a lovely depth of flavour, soft and rich plum damson fruit makes it great with casseroles of every description or fire up the BBQ and get those steaks sizzling.

Dada No2 Merlot 2015 – the influence of a winemaker on a finished bottle is often unnoticeable but there are times when winemakers have a vision of how they want it to end up. Eduardo knew he had some seriously good Merlot to work with but he wanted his to stand out from the crowed. To be as silky as possible with a strong mocha character. He used the best high toast oak barrels and all his skills to reach his goal. Bravo!

Dada No3 Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 2015 – the 3rd and last in the Dada collection sees Bordeaux’s Cabernet Sauvignon meet the Rhone Valley’s Syrah. A wonderful combination of cassis fruit and mellow spice you should delight in serving alongside with roasted game, casseroles and good company.


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  1. I know the wines you mentioned above are from 2015, but I’m hoping they are still available as I would love to try the Dada No1 Malbec. Thanks for sharing the recommendation.

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