The Wine Purse – For When You Just Can’t Wait

We’ve seen a lot of strange inventions within the wine trade. From wine lipstick to wine gummy bears and Pinot Meow…a cat-nip based non alcoholic wine designed for your feline friends. However this invention definitely made us chuckle. A purse with an extractable nozzle to dispense your favourite alcoholic beverage. If you’re looking to pick up one of these wine purses, then head over to

Now we were trying to think of all the times we’ve been out and about and needed a good glass of wine just to get us through. The times where we simply can’t wait to get home or get to a bar. Maybe a difficult dinner with the tee-total in-laws? Or an incredibly boring conference on advanced statistical analyses? It could be a number of things, but now you get to bring the party along. Although designed as a wine purse, you can pop some emergency water or Pepsi in here….but who would want to do that.

Nobody knows the product better than the creators, so we’ll let Bella Vita explain the functionality of the bag.

“The sophisticated, patent pending PortoVino wine purse allows you to bring the party along. PortoVino is designed with a secret insulated compartment that holds a removable 1.5 liter bladder (1 bladder included) for your favorite wine or beverage. PortoVino’s exterior flap conceals the pouring spout until you are ready to party!”

Will this take off? Would you buy one?


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  1. Alain Leger


    One of my favourite wines from Virgin Wines is the Castillo de Anna Gran Reserva. I have been buying this wine for at least 6-7 years and have never been disappointed. Always a 5 star for me. I’m also a big fan of the Marques de Valencia Gran Reserva which I have been drinking for the same length of time. I’m sure you’re beginning to see a pattern now…

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