Wine of the Week – Moonlake Riesling 2010

For my Wine of the Week I’ve picked out a brand-spanking new Riesling that has just arrived in our warehouse. Moonlake Riesling 2010 is a classic Clare Valley Riesling that has come directly from one of the finest exponents of Riesling-craft in this legendary, boutique hotspot. The only snag is that we are not allowed to divulge the exact source of this wine, so you’re just going to have to trust me when I say that it’s worth every, single penny of its £11.99 price tag!

Moonlake Riesling


The wine is a very high quality, hand-made white from the undisputed home of Riesling in Oz. Cooling breezes sweep through the elevated vineyards daily, providing idyllic conditions for the cultivation of this exceptionally aromatic varietal. There is lime scented directness to the nose, which is pin bright. The palate oozes citrus charm and offers intense freshness.

I like to finish these Wine of the Week’s with a food match and I can’t get away from recommending the (slightly obvious) Thai green curry to partner Moonlake Riesling. Combining this light, spicy, intensely aromatic dish with our premium Riesling will go down just perfectly.


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    The instant decision bad credit loans for tenants is an age old war that spans millennia.
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    This agreement does not allow anyone unnecessarily without the permission of the spouse.

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