Wine Of The Week- Madonnina Gavi 2013

Dave Roberts getting close and personal with the grapes

The hilly region of Piedmont in north eastern Italy is a source for some of the best known, highest quality and most sort after wines available from this magnificent country that includes Barolo and Barbaresco. For my WOTW this week I’ve decided to go with something white. All too often at this time of the year people overlook whites and focus solely on reds, which personally gives me the gnarl. If you’re having lighter meals, which a lot of us at least try to do during January, after over indulging over Christmas, you’ll often need a white to go with it. This week’s wine is – Madonnina Gavi 2013.

If you’re a fan of lighter, delicately aromatic whites, but bored of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc etc, then look no further and dip into a bottle of Gavi. The grape variety here is Cortese, it is widely planted in Piedmont and has a history dating back centuries. Our Madonnina is crafted from grapes grown on the very best hillside sites and once harvested and into the winery the grapes are handled with an air of delicacy. The conditions created are those that allow the grapes natural characters to shine through in the finished wine.

The characteristics of Cortese are more about subtlety rather than power and the combination of lively orchard fruit, delicate floral intensity with toasted almond notes adding complexity and just a touch of richness. If you are having any dish that involves shellfish then a bottle of Gavi makes an admirable partner.

So, don’t overlook whites during these colder months as they should still, very much, form a part of your wine drinking plans.


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