Wine Of The Week – Fernando de Castilla Antique Amontillado NV


The sherry industry is seeing a bit of a revival at the moment, which in my opinion is really great news. These fortified gems come in a range of styles and are some of the most complex wines the world has to offer. They are blessed by possessing a uniqueness that can only be described as exhilarating and exciting. It’s really pleasing as a huge fan that they are once again making more of an impression on the international market and reaching an increased number of palates.

Throughout this year at our customer tasting events, held all over the UK, I’ve made a point of showcasing a sherry on my ‘meet the wine buyer’ table. The reaction has been terrific, obviously we’re not all robots so you can’t convince everyone, but by the large part the reaction was incredibly positive, whether I was showing a Fino or a PX. More and more people these days are prepared to try something different or revisit wines they’ve disregarded as rubbish and if you’re prepared to do this from time to time you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

I’ve picked out a classy Amontillado from one of Spain’s leading Sherry Houses – Fernando de Castilla. This delicious 20 year old, unfiltered Amontillado is truly stunning. An incredibly complex sherry that will have you mesmerised by the array of aromas and flavours. You’ll find orange peel, eucalyptus, hazelnuts, fennel, raisins and much, much more.

It works wonderful well as an aperitif with a few olives or have it as a wine match to a starter of chicken liver pate and little slices of toasted ciabatta. Up to you but either way it’s properly delicious!

Merry Christmas!


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