Wine of the Week – Evohe Garnacha Vinas Viejas 2010

Today is officially ‘International Grenache Day’, an event that the great and the good of the wine world are getting on board with. It’d be rude for me, as a huge fan of this often forgotten about variety, to not select one for my Wine of the Week.

So in honour of this raspberry and strawberry scented black grape, I’ve selected an exciting offering from Spain – Evohe Garnacha Vinas Viejas 2010.

Evohe Garnacha

We’ve only got a little of the ’10 left before we move onto the ’12 so I highly recommend you snap up a bottle or two before that happens. Why? Since first arriving as a youthful, red berry laced, cherry compote, energetic pup, Evohe has evolved into something really quite superb. The red fruit has now been replaced by denser blackcurrant notes and more prominent smoky characters that are complex, engaging and delicious. The really great thing is though the wine has retained that juicy core that got me so excited when originally tasting.

I love it when a wine is great in youth but improves with just a little time in bottle. I’m not the most patient type, so waiting for a decade or more for a wine to be deemed ‘at its peak’ is a real struggle. Maybe that’s why I like Grenache (Garnacha here as we’re in Spain) so much. Wines crafted from it often take on and show signs of age quite quickly, but that’s not to say certain examples don’t have the ability to stand the tests of time. Some of the best Chateauneuf du Papes and wine from Spain’s Montsant region are some of the most long lived wines going.

Whether you are a Rhone aficionado, follow Grenache from its roots in Aragon, where Evohe hails from, or are branching out and trying examples from the US and Oz, I highly recommend you join me and the Virgin Wines team today in celebrating the virtues of a good glass of Grenache!




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