Wine of the Month: Ridgeview Cuvee Merret Bloomsbury Brut 2012

Each month we select a special wine to feature as our wine of the month. it has to be special, it has to be available and of course, it has to be absolutely delicious.

Luckily the Ridgeview Cuvee Merret Bloomsbury Brut 2012 ticks all the boxes. We also thought that with Christmas just around the corner, highlighting a sparkling wine would make a lot of sense. A lot of our customers are looking for a special fizz to celebrate the festive season, but a lot of champagne can be quite expensive. There are several alternatives, including the darling of the wine world at the moment, Prosecco. As well as sparkling wine from Australia or even South Africa.

Our focus this Christmas however, is on a wine produced a little closer to home, the South Downs in Surrey to be exact. Produced by a family run estate that was established in 1994, an estate who has spent over 20 years perfecting their creations. Ridgeview is now an award winning winery with a reputation for excellence. Their wines are often served during state visits, and are an ever-present at any award ceremony. English Sparkling wine is enjoying a popularity growth and shredding the stigma that many often attach to it. Ridgeview are leading the way with a number of national and international awards and trophies.

The South Down climate is perfect for the creation of sparkling wines in the mould of the offerings from famous Champagne houses over the channel. The cooler evenings allow the grapes to maintain their natural acidity even when fully ripe, this produces fine flavours without heavy alcohol. With an underground cellar purpose built, all the wines are kept under the most ideal conditions for fermentation. To ensure the wines are created and produced to the highest standard, every step of the process is handled at the winery. This includes pressing, bottling and labelling.

The wine we’ve chosen to feature is one of the most popular sparkling wines we offer. At £24.95 a bottle, it’s special enough to be the feature of the Christmas table, but it also won’t break your bank balance. You can drink a World class wine, while supporting national production of a product that is now standing toe-to-toe with some of the finest Champagnes. Just because it doesn’t say champagne on the label, doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product. Only sparkling wines made in the Champagne region of France can attach the renowned Champagne name to its label.

The Ridgeview Cuvee Merret Bloomsbury Brut is young, fresh with a strawberry infusion and crisp finish. Made with the same grape blend as many Champagnes (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier) this wine has a hint of luscious brioche. This wine is very special, and one that we encourage everyone to try. For a limited time, we’re ofering 10% off all the Ridgeview wines in our range.


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