Wine-Infused Coffee Launches In California

a picture of the wine infused coffee bag

Two of the worlds most popular beverages have joined forces to create a super drink. No longer will you need to battle with the conundrum…coffee or wine? Now you can enjoy a non-alcohol red wine infused coffee that is the best of both worlds.

Napa Valley cafe owner Rick Molinari has developed this recipe over two years, and the passion he reserves for the description should have you smacking your lips in anticipation:

“full-bodied coffee relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history, then the coffee is carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches.”

The wine will be sold around the Napa wine-region, and can be bought online for around £16 from the Molinari Caffe shop. If you’re around the region, you can get a bag from Robert Mondavi Winery, Franciscan Estate Winery and JCB Wines.

Don’t worry, the coffee is alcohol free, so your morning cup of Joe won’t put you over the limit. It just takes all the wonderful flavours and aromas of a well produced wine, and combines it with that caffeine hit.

The coffee can be drunk black, or with a splash of milk which is thought to accentuate the flavours. It also works well as a filter coffee, iced coffee and latte.


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