Wine In Focus: The Intrepid Bear ‘Brown Bear’ Reserve Pinot Noir 2014


There is something about American wines that I absolutely love, so when you combine one of my favourite winemaking countries with my favourite red grape variety, I just had to bring attention to it.

The Intrepid Bear Pinot Noir was created by highly esteemed winemaker Tom Rappe at the Bear Creak winery in Lodi California. This particular region enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which results in rich, full wine that is basking in lovely fruit flavours. It can be difficult to find value for Pinot Noir’s anywhere in the World, due to how difficult it can be to grow, however at £11.99 this offers unbelievable value without compromising on any quality.

“A touch smokey, layered with ripe red fruits, good freshness, nice attack, and perfectly balanced finish.” – Wine Writer Matthew Jukes

All of the fruit used to create this wine comes from a family-run estate, and the blend for this wine was created when Virgin Wines head Wine Buyer Andrew Baker flew over to California in 2013 for a visit. Gnarled old vines planted in  deep shale soils produces a wine that enjoys perfect balance, consistency and intensity.

This is what happens when you combine a great winemaker, with a great region and a fantastic crop of grapes. Our customers have rated this wine highly every since we started selling it. At the moment it currently enjoys a 4.3 star rating on the website (out of 5), with such comments like:

Ratings for the Brown Bear Pinot Noir from California

Bear Creek winery was actually founded in 1934 and worked as a cooperative until it was purchased in 1997 by the Kautz family. Under the supervision of the Kautz family, the wine was refurbished to ensure that state of the art facilities were provided to ensure the highest quality produce. The work and dedication of the family, along with the employees have ensured that Bear Creek is now one of the leading wine producers in the whole of California.


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