When in Oz – What’s In A Label

You can never judge a book by its cover, just like you can never judge a wine by its label, the most aesthetically pleasing bottle can contain the worst juice imaginable, and a lot of the time, a very dull label will contain a batch of very fine wine. However to the average wine drinker, labels matter, it’s as simple as that.

Luckily I don’t have to browse the endless wine shelves at the Supermarket to find wine to buy, but sometimes I gravitate towards them anyway. While browsing along the shelves, my eyes always stop on the wines with the most imaginative labels, not the scripted classical French ones, but the fun and quirky ones, mostly from Australia.

We’ve recently got a new batch of wines in from Australia, all with labels that are anything but classic, and I wonder how our customers will react to them. I’ve worked in customer service and we always receive feedback both positive and negative when we stock certain wines with funky labels and these fit the bill. The label doesn’t make the wine inside any better or worse, but it will affect out perception and in turn, can our perception dictate our taste-buds? If I don’t want to like something, usually after I taste it, I convince myself I don’t like it.

So I’m going to leave it there and hope you’ll give some feedback on if labels are important to you. Do you purchase a wine based on a label? Do you avoid a wine based on a label?

Z36785102291_HiRes_v1113_m56577569830947866A picture of a bottle of red wine from AustraliaA picture of a bottle of Montepulciano from Australiaa bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from AustraliaA picture of a bottle of Merlot from Australia


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