What Makes Laurent-Perrier So Special? #DrinkBetter

We work with a lot of fantastic winemakers and producers, each one bringing their own unique style. However when you think of luxury, you naturally think of champagne. When you think of champagne, you should be thinking of Laurent-Perrier, a champagne houses founded in 1812. With over 200 years of experience, it’s probably safe to say they know what they’re doing, and their Chardonnay led house style is a hit with everyone who’s fortunate enough to sample its delights.


Laurent-Perrier has more awards than Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt put together, it’s constantly being recognised for its excellence and we’re proud to work so closely with them throughout the year. We love prosecco, we love cava, but sometimes…only Champagne will do. So what separates Laurent-Perrier from the rest? Experience is definitely part of that. However Laurent-Perrier has a very unique taste through its own house style. Crisp, fresh with a green apple and citrus flavour, ultimately refreshing but certainly elegant.

Maybe that’s why it’s exported to over 180 countries.


Laurent-Perrier were one of the few champagne houses who made the decision to switch to stainless steel tanks in the 1950’s. This enabled them to control low temperature fermentation, preserving the freshness and the complexity of the wine. By building the first thermo-regulated winery, Bernard de Nonancourt set out his expectations for the winery, innovation with tradition.

Bernard de Nonancourt is credited with having created the Laurent-Perrier style, to do this he took a chance. He respected, appreciated and revived the traditional way of making champagne, while at the same time innovating the approach at both the technical and blending level. He created a unique range, each one boasting its own distinctive personality. Now Laurent-Perrier is celebrated for its unique style and consistency of excellence from one vintage to the next.


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