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At Virgin, we’re always striving to be the best, and once we’ve become the best, we’re all about raising that bar a little further. We’re delighted to announce that we were named the Online Drinks Retailer of the Year for 2017 at this week’s Drinks Retailing Awards. Now we don’t like to blow the old trumpet, but that’s a pretty big deal, the Oscars of the drinks business if you will. We’re thrilled to receive this recognition and we’re more determined than ever to ensure we remain the best place to buy wine in the UK.

The DRAs are the drinks trade’s biggest annual highlight, bringing together all the leading lights in retail and rewarding the greatest innovators. Competition is always incredibly fierce with a number of Supermarkets and established retailers throwing their hats into the ring. Through a rigorous judging process, the powers that be decided that the VW light would be shining brightest in the best online drinks retailer category.

“I’m incredibly proud that we won the biggest accolade in the drinks trade with the online retailer of the year gong. It’s definitely deserved recognition for the team, they work tirelessly to ensure that we’re always out in front when it comes to being the best place to buy wine in the UK. So a big thank you to my friends and colleagues (same thing) for making this possible. The Drinks Retailing Awards are the Oscars of the Drinks Business and we just took home the Best Picture equivalent, who wouldn’t be chuffed with that” – Jay Wright, CEO

It’s an incredible honour to receive such a recognition, as we constantly strive to offer unbeatable rock-star service. Through the wines that we offer to the relationships we forge, innovation is the keystone to being awesome, and lets be honest…who doesn’t want to be awesome!

2016 was a tremendous year here at Virgin Wines HQ, and 2017 is shaping up to be even better. We’ve got some exciting plans for this year, including the launch of our brand new website which is sleeker, sexier and a lot more intuitive. We want to take this chance to thank everyone from our customers, to our staff, and our suppliers for making Virgin Wines the business it is today…an award winning one!


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  1. Jacob is my wine Guru, !!!!! I think,!!!!! best advisor. Knows (instinctivly) when I’m running low…. Like now,!!!!!

    • David Wyatt

      David Wyatt


      Delighted to hear that Val! Jacob will keep you well stocked with our finest!

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