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Just before the Christmas break, we invited you to submit your ideas for the wine label. We realise that this was a busy time, so thanks to those of you who managed to find a few minutes to send in your design. There were some great ideas and our Designers have used these, along with some of their own ideas, as inspiration for the wine labels below.

Vote 3 – Label

Take a look at the designs and have a think about which one you would most like to see on your finished bottle of wine. Then simply select the corresponding number from the list underneath the designs and submit your vote. We’ll then take the winning idea and will mock it up into a finished label.

Label 1
Label 1Watercolour heart on parchment
Label 2
Label 2Segmented silver foiled heart on black
Label 3
Label 3Gold foiled text and border on a transparent yet reflective heart pattern
Label 4
Label 4Water colour heart as a cut out/floating motif on an irregularly cut parchment
Label 5
Label 5Grape vine illustration with heart shaped grapes on parchment
Label 6
Label 6Watercolour painting of grapes within heart shape
Label 7
Label 7Coeur du Ventoux centered in a large heart design on parchment

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Voting closes at 5:00pm on Friday, 31st January 2014

Good luck!


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  1. shouldn't label one have a date on it? David Hicks

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