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Following on from Andrew Baker’s last article on Cork vs Screwcap, it’s now time to turn our attention to the fifth and final vote – the closure.

Vote 5 – The Closure

Simply read the question below and select the option that you would prefer to see win. If you are having trouble deciding, read the summary underneath the question.

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Voting closes at 5:00pm on Friday 21st February

Cork still represents an important part of fine wine production, firstly because people would freak out if it was under screw and secondly because the steady oxidation that corks allow are deemed to be better for slow cellar maturation of long lived wines.

Screwcaps may be less romantic, but corked wine is not very romantic either. Screwcaps are easy to open and reseal and, here’s the key point, provide an almost infallible closure for young wines (that have been bottled with care).

It’s a question of romance over practicality and peace of mind.

Good luck!


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  1. Every single vote has gone against me… Come on the mighty CORK!

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