Virtual Winemaker Trip – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago Andrew shared a few photos from his trip to the Famille Perrin winery in France with lucky competition winners Tony and Antoni. Today it’s the turn of Tony as he gives his account of what happened on the visit.

When Virgin Wines told me I had won the virtual winemaker trip to the South of France, there was no doubt that I was excited, but upon reaching Chateau Beaucastel in Chateauneuf du Pape, any expectations I carried were blown away by the hospitality, charm, delicious food, and amazing wines that were shared with my travelling companions and me. The Famille Perrin’s entertaining skills are matched only by their wines. I was concerned that there was no way to follow up the first day of our trip, but somehow Andrew and Tim continued to impress as our adventure pressed on with an overnight stay in the charming town of Orange before continuing to Gigondas the following morning. I would say more about our stay in Orange, but to completely honest, it gets a bit fuzzy after dinner. I’ve been assured I had a wonderful time.


The day in Gigondas consisted of a visit to an amazing property that the Perrin family owns that is one of those beautiful old structures that causes a sense of awe in Americans like me. We then made our way up in altitude where I was impressed by both our vehicles ability to navigate the roads, as well as the vines ability to seemingly grow anywhere. Lunch at L’Oustalet was impeccable and the Perrin family chef that had made us lunch at Beaucastle continued to impress us with innovative ways to incorporate the seasonally appropriate truffles. Just when I thought every good thing must end, we made a stop at Vinsobres for an exciting ride in the back of a Momo’s pick up to survey the vast network of vines.


Thank you Andrew and Tim for being excellent escorts! Thank you Antoni and Anna for being wonderful companions! Thank you Louise for ensuring I made the journey! Thank you Virgin Wines! This was an experience I will never forget and I’m a bit concerned it has set an unattainable goal for all wine adventures to come!

Tony Toma

Tony Toma



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