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One of the great things about working for Virgin Wines is that they’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas. It’s little surprise then that when I approached our MD, Jay about setting up a technology user group with Virgin Wines as a sponsor he said “yes!” rather emphatically.

Now at first glance you may think that wine and technology don’t really mix, so why are Virgin Wines doing this? Take a second look though. Virgin Wines is actually a blend of wine and technology – we’re an online retailer, with our own in-house software development team who are tasked with keeping everything running and adding any new features we may need.

In the world of technology it’s “Evolve or Die”, things move fast and if you don’t keep up you run a very real risk of becoming obsolete. Things that would have been considered cutting edge when Virgin Wines first started are now considered normal. One way to keep current is to go on courses, or read up on industry news and blogs, but nothing beats face to face networking with people who are actually using something day to day.

Enter Norwich Developers, or NorDev for short. A technology group for software developers set up for techies, by techies; with a little help from their employers. The interest has been overwhelming with the first event booked to capacity, despite having increased the guest list size twice! Norwich Developers aim to bring world class speakers to the events, and have two amazing speakers lined up for the first event on the 26th.


By providing a venue for the meetings, a little funding for expenses, and some wine to help lubricate the event, Virgin Wines are able to create an excellent environment to learn about fresh ideas while giving something back to the local community at the same time.

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about Norfolk Developers please visit or follow @NorfolkDev on Twitter.


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