Virgin Wines Head North Of The Border

After a short Summer hiatus, our tasting tour is back with a bang. We headed north of the border last week to visit the beautiful cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. As always our Scottish customers showed up in droves, and by the look of the photo’s, they really enjoyed the experience. Heading up to Scotland is always one of the highlights on our tasting tour and our staff are always delighted to be chosen to work these events.

We decided to put together a little visual tasting blog to showcase some of the images we snapped from the events:

Scotland Wine Tasting

Scotland Wine Tasting 2Scotland Wine Tasting 3Scotland Wine Tasting 4Scotland Wine Tasting 5Scotland Wine Tasting 6Scotland Wine Tasting 7Scotland Wine Tasting 8


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  1. Rew Craig


    I LOVE Scotland – was there any whisky afterwards?

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