Virgin Wines & Hardys Partner For Exclusive Range

We have some very exciting news today as we officially announce our partnership with Hardys. Hardys have over 160 years of legendary expertise in the winemaking business and we are delighted to reveal that they will be making an exclusive range of wines for our customers. We are always looking for new ways to enhance our customers experience, and teaming up with a brand recognised and trusted for quality and respected for their pioneering spirit enables us to do exactly that.

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Today we have Introduced The Chronicles- a new Hardys collection filled with the amazing stories of founder, Thomas Hardy, and his historic journey into the wine world. Each wine was created by Hardys Chief Winemaker, Paul Lapsley, and the range includes an iconic Shiraz and Chardonnay, plus three special blends known as Hardys Chronicle No.1, No.2 and No.3. The Chroniclesrange celebrates a life rich with stories, with each told on the label of the wines themselves. The Chronicles wine range will be available only on the Virgin Wines website.

Hardys engaging story naturally connects with Virgin Wines, both kick-started by entrepreneurs in their own right, both companies are deciated to producing only the best wines with passion, dedication and a commitment to excellence. All of the wines are now on sale and you can read more about the partnership by going to

Virgin Wines CEO, Jay Wright, commented: “We are absolutely delighted to announce our partnership with Hardys wine. We’re confident that by combining their experience with our passion, we can create a range of wines our customers will absolutely love. It was important for us to partner with someone who shared our key values and we know we’ve found that with Hardys. We’re very excited for our customers to be able to experience an exclusive range of wines that you simply can’t find anywhere else”.


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