Virgin Visits London For Its National Wine Tasting

We have a host of tastings throughout the year and we love every single one of them. It really does give us the opportunity to talk to our customers, find out what they love and what they don’t. It’s interesting to hear their thoughts on our wine, how much they love one grape or one producer, and how they recently discovered a wine that they’d normally avoid. The majority of our staff are WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) certified, so we can help recommend wines to customer that they may not think of. We can do that at every single tasting, but there is something a little special about the London national tasting, as over 1,000 Virgin customers descended on the Barbican.

The London tasting allows us to really open our doors to a lot of existing and potential customers. You recognise the people who have been before, and you see the excitement of a new attendee. We have a number of producers from all over the World, winemakers who can wax poetic about their latest creation. This year we had producers from Spain, Italy, France and Lebanon among others.

It’s not just about the wine though, it’s about the whole experience. We had cheese companies, cured meat companies and even a cheeky beer company to break up the wine. We had a WineBank machine that was reminiscent of the conclusion to a Crystal Maze episode. We had an open cafe, just in case a cup of tea or coffee was desired, and plenty of seats, as tasting through all that wine can get a little tiring, and your legs can get a little weaker as the day goes on.

All in all, we had a fantastic experience. The feedback was tremendous, and we’re already planning next years event. We still have our local Norwich tasting later this year as well as a trip to Brighton, and tickets are still available for that, just CLICK HERE


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