Valentine’s Day – Get A Treat!


Personally I’m not sure you need a specific day to tell someone you love them. However ‘hallmark’ have given us a day to do exactly that! That day is today!

There really is no need to break the bank as it’s the thought that counts right!? But if your budget does allow it then going for the ‘real deal’, a bottle of Rose Champagne adds an extra bit of oomph. If it doesn’t then don’t panic. There are a number of alternatives available to select from and at some superb prices, you might even be able to stretch to two bottles!

No expense spared option…

Most Champagne Houses produce a rose wine and they vary significantly, like the blanc wines, in style. I’m a big fan of the lighter styles of rose, that are all about crisp red berry fruits, ripe strawberries and crunchy palate refreshing finishes. In line with this I’m going with Laurent Perrier Brut Rose NV. The colour is a very light pink, the nose is full of strawberry, raspberry and a just a little bit of that lovely brioche character from the secondary fermentation and time on the lees in bottle. The palate is delicate and soft with intense red fruit and lively citrus kick to the finish that keeps everything as fresh as a daisy! You can of course sip this all by itself or serve with salmon blinis as a starter or a teriyaki salmon main accompanied by jasmine rice.

Saving a few quid so you can get flowers, chocolates and a thoughtful trinket!

At a fifth of the cost of a bottle of Laurent Perrier how about a bottle (or two) of our top-rated pink fizz from Italy, I’m sure you have a couple of these around the house. The sparkler is none other than La Certosa Sparkling Pinot Grigio Rose Brut NV made by winemaking legend Claudio Manera. It is 100% Pinot Grigio and thanks to the lightly pink skin of this ultra fashionable grape variety, it enables us to craft naturally pink hued wines while retaining all the orchard fruit we love from our Italian Pinots. This is a revolutionary pink fizz, that’s super refreshing, not too dry with lovely delicate flavours that will set any celebration alight and split a loved one’s face with a the very broadest of grins. Great with pate and toast or a creamy salmon linguine.

Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and, if not, remember there are another 364 days in a calendar year to show someone special you care!


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