UK Going Bonkers For Kiwi Wines


According to new research, wine consumers in the UK are going bonkers for the tipple from down under, however this time it’s New Zealand instead of Australia making the headlines. New Zealand are responsible for producing 18% of all wines sold over £7!

Chris Stroud, European marketing manager for New Zealand Wine Growers had this to say about the increasing trend:

“New Zealand is now selling almost one in every 5 bottles in the UK above £7 market. This is outstanding; especially considering New Zealand only produces less than one per cent of the world’s wine.

“The UK is one of the most sophisticated wine market in the world, due to the choice available, and it’s terrific that consumers are continuing to choose New Zealand Wine. It shows that consumers know they are getting excellent quality with a New Zealand wine and it is worth spending that little bit extra,”

Virgin Wines customers continue to love their New Zealand wine, from the classic Marlborough Sauvignon to Waipara Pinot Noir. The ratings have skyrocketed as the range as expanded. Head Wine Buyer at Virgin Wines Andrew Baker commented:

“NZ has always had a cornerstone in quality, price and style – Marlborough Savvie – from which it makes building both sideways and up easier. But, of course, it also has the requisite quality to carry on up the quality scale. The premium end of New Zealand is a very happy place to drink today. It has diversity, styles stamped with a strong sense of place and, ultimately, world-class quality. It all just proves how awesome the Brit palate is, how flushed with taste we are!”

If you love your Kiwi wines, then why not head over to our site and browse our entire range by clicking HERE. Below is an example of stunning New Zealand Sauvignon that we simply can’t get enough of.

Sherwood Stratum Marlborough Waipara Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Price: £11.99
Customer Rating: 4.2/5




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