Top 5: Fancy Labels

Today I’m going to have a little look at wine labels. Promise I won’t drone on about how to get more from a wine label, just a general chit chat from a Wine Buyer’s point of view, plus my Top 5 favourites, from a looks-perspective!

You can garner a lot of information from a wine label if you give it closer inspection. From the obvious stuff like the country of origin and ABV% right down to the grape or grape types and who imported it. All useful stuff when we’re looking for that special bottle or midweek sipper.

Anything goes with wine labels these days – generic or classic, to the more adventurous. For one thing, it can’t be said that wine labels are all on white glossy paper with black and gold ink!

Personally I feel there’s still a place for the classic-looking label and understand why wineries often play it safe. A lot of consumers expect their wines to come packaged in something familiar. If your average buyer of, let’s say, Chianti or Chablis were to see a bottle on the shelf, in the said section, that looked like a Jackson Pollock artwork… I’m pretty sure they’d be going for the bottle next to it that looked a little safer. So there’s sense in keeping with the familiar and going for a traditional look. But, as wine is much more widely enjoyed these days, there is a risk of alienating the younger or more adventurous among us.

It’s interesting to note that it’s at the premium end of the market where producers are being a bit more ‘risqué’. Perhaps it’s what people expect when they are buying wines that are out of reach of most people with a modest pocket. A label that is totally unique stands out, not only for its price tag, but the curious way it looks as well.

At Virgin Wines we try and have a balance between the classic and the modern. But if I’m honest I really don’t care what the packaging looks like – it’s the darn juice that matters to me! I’ll leave the label to the people who feel strongly about it.

Having said that, here are my Top 5 fancy labels from our current portfolio, in no particular order I might add!

The Big Mo’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2011


The Big Mo  Barossa Valley Shiraz 2011

Finca Manzanos Doncella Roja 2012


Finca Manzanos Doncella Roja 2012

Tabali Talinay Chardonnay 2010


Tabali Taliny Chardonnay 2010

Le Sanglier Sauvage 2011


Le Sanglier Sauvage

Gulfi Nerobaronj 2005


Gulfi Nerobaronj 2005


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