The Results are in for Virgin Wines Australia

There’s nothing like a clean sweep – just ask the Virgin Wines Australia team. That’s exactly what they achieved when they recently sat their Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) exams.

Some would say that sitting in a room of your peers, talking about wine and tasting your way through some rather cracking styles from around the world isn’t work at all. However, when you put the size of the achievement into perspective, the team managed to cram 6 weeks worth of lectures and knowledge into under 2 weeks of class time. What’s more each member came out with at least a pass grade. Well-done team!

Led by the ever competent and all around nice guy, Len Sexon, the band of Virgin wine-o’s worked their way through a grueling program of topics that ranged from factors affecting wine production and tasting technique all the way through to grape varieties and countries…

Although hard work, it wasn’t all intensive learning and study…

The team also took a trip! Departing in the early hours of the morning, the budding wine professionals hit the highway for the famous and remarkably beautiful Hunter Valley region where awaiting them was winemaker, wine judge and wine consultant – Keith Tulloch – founder and owner of Keith Tulloch Wines.

A 4th generation winemaker, it would seem that Keith’s profession was a predefined certainty. Keith was kind enough to open his winery to the team, giving them a guided tour, running them through production techniques and allowing each member to taste some of his specialty Semillon – a famous grape of the Hunter Region.

What better way for the budding WSET candidates to learn from a legend of the Hunter Valley wine industry? The results speak for themselves.

A true testament to Len and Keith is the results that the team achieved. A few Merits and a couple of Distinctions places each member in good stead for bigger things in the wine industry!

A huge congratulations to the Virgin Team – you’ve achieved at a very high level and beyond expectations. A special thanks must go to Len for imparting some of his extensive wine knowledge, as well as Keith Tulloch who kindly hosted the team at his award winning, 5-star winery.



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