The Oxfam Get Together and Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines are really pleased to let you all know that they have joined forces with Oxfam to help raise money for their ‘Oxfam Get Together’ campaign. The campaign is centred around International Women’s Day and aims to raise money in order to help transform the lives of women living in poverty around the world.


Every year thousands of individuals and businesses register to host their own Oxfam Get Together fundraising event raising hundreds of thousands of pounds to support Oxfam’s work with women.

Together we really can make a huge difference and ensure these statistics are a thing of the past:
– Globally, violence against women is responsible for the most death and disability of women aged 15-44. (In fact, it is responsible for more death and disability that cancer, malaria, war and traffic accidents combined.)
– 1 in 5 women in Chad will die of maternal heath causes.

In fact, just:
– £29 can provide training for a woman farmer in Rwanda, helping her develop a business, provide for her family and improve her community.
– £290 can train a play-worker who will support orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi.
– £500 will recruit around 6000 change makers in Pakistan. As they change attitudes, they will help stop violence and transform women’s lives.

You can do your part by hosting a Virgin Wines Fabulous Tasting in your home (or at a local venue). These events are great fun for you and your friends, but the best part is that for every full case bought at your tasting, Virgin Wines will donate £5 to Oxfam.

Simply email to find out more about hosting a Fabulous Oxfam Charity Tasting, and head over to to register to get information on raising as much money as you can for this great cause.

Let’s ‘Get Together’ and do something great.


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