The Facts About New Years Resolutions

Most of us will make a new years resolution. A new start, a new you. On the first of January we are full of enthusiasm for our new life, riding high on the crest of excitement created by a Christmas break. We over-indulge on mince pies, glasses of port and enough turkey to provide sandwiches for a month. Then comes the guilt, the realization that you’ll soon need to struggle back into those work clothes and re-enter the 9-5 world. This is the point you make your decisions:

New Years Resolution


“No more takeouts for me, it’s good wholesome fruit and veg”

“Alcohol free in January, not because I have to but because I want to”

“I’ll be up bright and early for a morning workout, that will get me going”

Unfortunately the simple truth is, people try to do too much too quickly. In fact, a study by Forbes magazine suggests that only 8% of the people who make New Years resolutions actually succeed in achieving their goal. Is that because they are the most determined? quite possibly. However it’s more likely that they set out more achievable goals. Do you drink a little too much? Cut down, don’t cut it out. Do you order too many takeaways? instead of going from 10 a month to none at all, cut it down to 2 a month, you’ll appreciate it more and so will your wallet.

If you want to workout a little more, don’t start with a goal to workout every single day. If you miss a session, your positive attitude soon becomes a frustrated one and you end up giving up completely. If you go from doing nothing to being active 2 times a week, it won’t shock your body and you’ll have room for those lazy mornings spent under the covers.

Over 45% of us will make a New Years resolution, and only 8% of us will achieve our goal. Consider your resolutions before they fail completely and you’ll be able to achieve your desired results.


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