The 5 Golden Rules For Wine Storage

Virgin Note – A lot goes into the perfect wine experience, the grapes, the winemakers, the climate, the bottling and a hundred other aspects. However wine storage is a key element of any wine cellar, but it’s often an element that is overlooked. We’ve partnered with wine storage professionals Wine Storage Company to bring you the 5 golden rules for making the most of your wine by correctly storing it. This is a guest blog and we’ll hand you over to the storage experts.

The world of wine storage could truly feel like a walk in the jungle – if you don’t know where to go you will most likely get lost. However, when it comes to taking care of your wine, there are some key things every storage solution should have for the wine to flourish. Just follow the 5 golden rules for wine storage – and your jungle adventures will turn into a nice walk in the park.

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Keep it cool and constant

Whatever the wine, the temperature should be between 10 to 14 degrees. For storing and aging of wine, the ideal possibilities for the wine to flourish is at 12 degrees. Also, to keep your wine happy you should always keep the temperature as constant as possible. When serving, on the other hand, you might want your cooler to have two different temperature zones to change between.

Watch out for the sun

Ever thought of why most wine bottles have colored glass? Basically, it works like sunglasses for the wine. No wine is especially fond of light, since it speeds up the aging process and can degrade your wine. Sunlight with its UV rays is particularly bad, so if you want to display your bottles through a glass door, make sure that it is UV protected. However, if you consider yourself as a real wine connoisseur, you will probably use a solid door.

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Stirred, not shaken

No wine likes to be shaken (well, not stirred either). In fact, any vibration may be harmful to the wine and therefore should be avoided. The most important thing here, is to make sure that your wine cooler’s compressor is fitted with a silencer. Also, the choice of material of the racks is essential, where wooden shelfs naturally absorb vibrations better than metal ones do.

No bad smells

No smell means having perfectly pure air. This is very important, since the wine naturally breaths through its cork. In an ordinary fridge or cooler, there can be lots of odours affecting the wine in unfavourable ways. As wine coolers have a good ventilation system or, in best cases, a coal filter to take care of this your wines are totally secure – even from each other.

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Appropriate humidity

Because the cork is elastic, meaning that it dries, the wine will rise up and be replaced by air. If this happens, the wine will become oxidised and sour. To avoid this, the humidity should be kept at an appropriate level, where the optimal range is between 50-75%. The very best is to have a wine cabinet that makes sure this applies. Additionally, you should also always store your bottles sideways.

So, made things a bit clearer? Well then, let yourself have a nice walk in your very own park of wine storage solutions! For more information on how to store your wine, what different products there are, what solution fits you the best – and where to get your own perfect one – visit  Wine Storage Company online and enjoy your wine storage adventure!


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