Taking Your Wine Interest To New Destinations

One of the best aspects to working for a wine company is finding new wines I love every single day. Before arriving at Virgin Wines, I had a very closed attitude towards wine. I knew the most renowned growing regions and countries (Italy, Spain, France and Australia etc)  and I thought if a wine didn’t originate there then it was no good, and not worth contemplating. I thought it would be poor in comparison and I would be mocked for even suggesting it.

You can still enjoy the wines from the classic countries like Chile (pictured), but a step away from the beaten track is always a good thing.

However if I said, how about a Syrah from Romania? Or a Merlot from Turkey? Maybe a Pinot Noir from Slovenia? Or a Cabernet from Lebanon? All countries that maybe don’t immediately spring to mind when considering the finest wine growing regions in the World, what would you think? Our wine buyers don’t purchase based on location, they are interested in the juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice.

A couple of months ago I wrote about my new found love for Romania, and not just because I love the Dracula novels and films. Due to this new discovery I have branched out to some of the regions mentioned above, I haven’t been disappointed. Although some of these gems will cost you an extra pound or two, they are well worth it for the unique tasting experience. Present a Lebanese wine at your dinner table, and not only does this offer something a little different but it shows your guests that you’re happy to go off the beaten track.

One of the latest bottles added to our range that really interested me is the Simcic Salko Pinot Noir Reserve 2009, a burgundy style Pinot that has all the minerality of a classic French number. Made by Marjan Simcic, a man whose winemaking philosophy combines a little Italian passion, a bit of French tradition and a whole ton of Slovenian innovation. Offering smokey, dark fruit , this treat is a Burgundy styled treat without the price tag.

You can explore our range by country, just head over to the homepage and filter the results on the left. You can try something new, explore regions and sample some wines you never even considered.


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