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Are we brave enough to fully commit to the summer? Coats, hats, scarves retired to the back of the wardrobe for the next 6 months, and shorts , sandals at the ready? Maybe I’ll keep them in the drawer just to make sure, but it’s time to dust off the cobwebs when it comes to enjoying a nice glass of wine in the garden.

This weekend I’ve committed to two full days of sorting the garden, the downside is a lot of digging and a lot of planting, the plus side is we get new furniture and more importantly, a new BBQ ready for all those outside festivities. What’s more important than sorting the garden? Ensuring we get the wines in to enjoy in the new garden.

Summer wine

I’ve been busy over the last 24 hours picking out my favourite summer tipples. I’ve asked our wine buyers and wine advisors for some suggestions and I’ve settled on two bottles of the 3 wines listed below. If you have tried any corkers that we simply need to feature, make sure you leave a sneaky little comment below.

Clos du Gaimont Vouvray Demi-Sec 2012

This is by far my favourite white wine, as a massive Vouvray fan I’ve yet to find anything better. It’s insanely refreshing with a hint of sweetness and a host of fruit to compliment the sun perfectly. This is a clean sipper to enjoy on its own, if you want to pair it with some food then you can’t go wrong with some white fish, chicken or even a light mild cheese. Currently rated 4.2/5 stars on the website based on 80 reviews, I can only see it improving.

A couple enjoying wine outside

16 Little Black Pigs Pinot Grigio 2014

Pinot Grigio made its name in Italy and it’s the Italians who still dedicate more land than anyone to growing this famous grape. However the Australians are really perfecting the style. Light, crisp and refreshing, that sums up Pinot Grigio perfectly, however if you hear people say it just tastes like flavoured water, they’re drinking the wrong stuff. Pinot Grigio is largely inoffensive, but if you want a light sipper as a lunch time treat, you’ve found the perfect grape.

Dragon Hills Pinot Noir 2013

Not all summer wine has to be of the white variety, I tend to enjoy a lot of Pinot Noir’s in the summer, I love red wine and I love the light texture, so this is a perfect combination. I’ve mainly stuck to French Pinot’s in the past and whenever I’ve fancied trying something different, I’ve headed to New Zealand. However I stumbled across this Romanian wine during a Friday tasting here at Virgin Wines HQ and now it’s my favourite Pinot on site. It’s very light with plenty of red fruit culminating in an extraordinary soft finish.


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