The Story Of The Black Pig #DrinkBetter

If you’ve been a member of Virgin Wines, it’s likely you’ll know a little something something about our Black Pig range. It’s iconic, absolutely delicious and consistently rated among our finest wines. In fact, recently it took home multiple gongs in our customer poll. First winning the best red (16 little Black Pigs Shiraz) and then the best white (The Black Pig Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc). Just call it the La La Land of the Virgin range.

Our man down under Steve Grimley is not only adept at producing some of the finest wines in Australia, he’s also pretty handy at whipping up some world-class Aussie charcuterie. If you travelled to the backyard of Steve’s McLaren Vale home, you’d find more than just vineyards. You’d find a hoard of old spot pigs. The original black pig was named after the original Mummy, the 16 little black pigs were named for the little piglets who cause havoc across the fields.

It’s a very simple story, but one our customers love hearing about. We’ve been a proud supporter of the range for 10 years, mainly because we absolutely love the Australian wine tradition. No stuffiness, no BS, just bold, brave practices. We could wax poetic about the quality of the range, but fortunately we don’t have to…you guys do that for us.

As of today, we have 7 varieties in the Black Pig range on site. All are rated at 4.3/5 or higher, now that speaks volumes. Our customers know how to drink better, and a lot of it revolves around the Black Pig range.


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