Spicy Green Mango Salad with Smoked Fısh and a Sweet and Sour Dressing

We recently partnered Rick Stein for his live show at the London Palladium, where a wine from our range was matched with each delicious dish prepared on the night.  Over the coming weeks we are going to share the recipes with you along with the wine matches that were chosen. If you decide to try your hand at any of the recipes, don’t forget to share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.



4 smoked mackerel fillets (about 275g)
Vegetable oil, for deep-frying
1 green mango, weighing about 450g
1 large carrot, weighing about 75g
30g shallots, very thinly sliced
1 red bird’s eye chilli, finely chopped
25g roasted peanuts, roughly chopped
2 tsp palm sugar
1 tbsp fish sauce
About 1 tbsp lime juice, depending on the tartness of the mango
15g Thai sweet basil, roughly chopped


Skin the smoked mackerel fillets and break the meat into small flakes. Pour 2cm oil into a pan and heat to 190°C. Sprinkle the fish into the oil and deep-fry for 1 minute until it is crispy. It will all stick together at this point but don’t worry. Lift out onto a tray lined with lots of kitchen paper and leave to cool, then break up into small pieces again.

Peel the green mango and carrot and shred, using a mandolin or shredder, into 3–4mm wide strips. Put the mango, carrot, shallots, chilli, peanuts and fried fish pieces into a large bowl and toss together. Mix the sugar with the fish sauce and lime juice, add to the salad with the Thai basil and toss together again. Pile into the centre of 2 medium-sized plates, or 4 small plates if serving as a starter, and serve straight away.



Wine Match

Les Terrasses de l’Argentier Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Smoked mackerel, peanuts and chilli? This needs a wine with both naturally sweet fruit and freshness to match the heat of the salad. This is dominated by Gros Manseng, which is exactly up to the task.


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