Sonic Decanter Claims To Improve Cheap Wine

We always like to keep up to date with the latest wine technology however we came across something a little bit different this morning, the ‘Sonic Decanter’. If you’ve not heard about this new device, let us explain what it’s supposed to do.

It claims to improve the taste of cheaper wine by using high frequency sound waves to accelerate and age the wine. It is claimed that it breaks down preservatives, softens tannins and helps release its natural aromas. It takes just 20 minutes to alter the compounds in the wine to give it a fuller taste.


The Sonic Decanter uses ultrasound to change the molecular structure, a process that usually takes several years if the wine is left to naturally age. This is a patented technology from Seattle based creators who said:

‘When used on wine the [ultrasound] Sonic Decanter promotes further extraction of flavours, aromas and mouth feel from interactions among phenolics and anthocyanins (types of additives and pigments) and which results in smoother more integrated mouth feel and a smooth, flavourful lingering finish. ‘

‘This results in an improvement in taste, aroma, mouth feel and an overall enjoyment in the wine drinking experience,’
The campaign is still in the kickstarter phase and you can check it’s page out by clicking HERE. It has currently raised $80,735 of its $85,000 goal. It will be interesting to see how this develops and if it can deliver on all the promises made. We’re certainly very interested to see this technology released.




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  1. Life is too short to drink cheap wine, so invest your hard earned on good wine rather than this gadget!

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