Something For The Weekend: Cobber’s Dream Snack


Whipped up by Whitney the Sheila (Online Marketing)

Our third recipe in our new series features something a little bit special from our resident Australian. A party dish designed to share with friends and family. A small snack that will have you licking your lips. Every now and again we’ll pop together a delicious recipe, give you all the information you need to recreate the masterpiece and we’ll even recommend a lovely wine to enjoy alongside your meal. If you decide to try your hand at this recipe, why not take a picture and send it along to us, either on our Facebook page or our Twitter page.


1 x Cob Loaf

1 x White Onion, chopped

6 Rashers of Bacon (trimmed & chopped into bite size pieces)

250ml of Sour Cream

250g of plain ol’ Philadelphia

Few BIG handfuls of grated cheese!

Serves 2-6 (Depending on the Cob)


1)      Preheat that oven to 180 degrees.

2)      Grab that cob. Cut off the top of the cob loaf (give it a lid) then hollow out the bready loaf. Scatter these pulled out bread pieces onto a large baking tray, with the cob loaf as the centrepiece.

3)      Fry the bacon & onion in the pan. Let it cool off the heat.

4)      In a separate bowl mix the cheese, sour cream and Philly together thoroughly.

5)      Add the bacon & onion to the mixture. Stir it up.

6)      Fill the hollow cob with this glorious mixture. Pop on the lid. Shove in the oven.

7)      Bake for 20 mins, then remove the lid and bake that bready cob for another 20 mins, lid off this time.

8)      Behold your Dippy Damper! Use the roasted chunks of bread to dip at first, then begin gnawing away at the outer cob and finally the base, until nothing . is. left.

Wine Match

Clarity Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2011

clarity hills

While you’re elbow deep in this cheese loaded cob you’ll need something crisp and refreshing to cleanse that palate so you can continue to dip.

Sticking with the country of both origin of recipe and writer I’ve selected the partnering wine from Oz.

I’ve chosen a zingy, super-fresh Savvy crafted by Steve Grimley, from the best grapes the Adelaide Hills can deliver. Lovely aromatics of cut grass, green pepper and white peach and a palate that is ripe with perfectly balanced acidity. It’s an exclusive VW drop too!

(Dave Roberts – Wine Buyer)


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