Round Up of our May Tastings

May was a very busy time for the Virgin Wines tasting Bus, We had stops in London, Cardiff, Newcastle, Belfast and Leeds. A lot of wine was drunk and a lot of fun was had.

Tasting events give our customers the chance to try before they buy, sample some wines they usually wouldn’t place in their basket. The feedback is always excellent, which is why we have continued to expand our events up and down the country.

If you haven’t been to one of our tastings yet, there are plenty more events left in 2013, just visit our tasting page to find the event closest to home. Not only will you have the chance to taste plenty of wines, but you will also have the chance to talk with some winemakers and wine producers who are responsible for the wines you love!

Here are a few snapshots we took from each event!

London Tower Hill

London Tower Hill



London Tower Hill

London Tower Hill

London Tower Hill








Newcastle 1


Newcastle 2


Newcastle 3


Newcastle 4


Leeds 1


Leeds 2


Leeds 3


Leeds 4


Belfast 1

Belfast 2

Belfast 3

Belfast 4


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