Rediscovering Rosé

One evening last week, after a long day, I cracked open one of my favourite bottles of Rosé – Domaine Michel Girard Sancerre Rose 2012 – and savoured it over dinner.  Despite generally opting for red or white wine, this wonderful tipple reminded me how much I enjoy a decent rosé and, as such, inspired me to write this blog post.

A little research into rosé soon reveals that I am not alone in (re)discovering my affection for pink vino.  According to a recent article in Harpers, rosé stands out in global wine production as the only market segment that has shown significant growth since 2005.  During this time, sales of rosé wine have reportedly increased by almost 8% and now represent over 9% of wine production.

Rose 1

Perhaps not surprisingly, aspects of this trend are being mirrored here at Virgin Wines.  Over the last year, we have seen sales of rosé increase by 58%. But what I find particularly interesting is that this rise in popularity in rosé is a very much a global trend. According to Victoria Moore in her recent article “Rosé wine, you’ve come a long way” even the French are embracing the pink stuff and are apparently knocking back almost twice as much rosé as they do white wine.  Can you believe that over a third of the pink wine produced on the planet is consumed in France?!

So what’s led to this trend towards drinking more rosé?

In my view, it’s because rosé is so versatile.  Given that rosé can be produced in a variety of styles from light to medium bodied, and from dry to having a reasonable degree of sweetness, naturally rosé tends to appeal to a broad cross section of tastes.  What’s more rosé can be light enough for drinking on its own, yet equally can have enough body to stand up to a range of food including salads, snacks, light meals and everyday suppers. The increasing popularity of Asian and spicy food has also favoured rosé, as I would suspect has outdoor eating. And, without belittling the strength of rosé’s own merits, I often find that a bottle of rosé can be great compromise when one of you favours white and the other fancies red!

Rose 2

There’s no denying that changing tastes combined with good marketing played their part in the popularity of rosé too, leading to new perceptions around food matching and year round consumption, and by targeting a wider demographic of wine drinker.  Rosé isn’t just a common staple on a restaurant wine list now but, in many cases, there will be two or three styles to choose from.  It’s also familiar to see older drinkers sipping a glass of rosé and the big shift has been in male drinkers – rosé was once perceived to be a drink for girls but I think it’s fair to say that this perception has changed significantly.  We mustn’t overlook Rosé Champagne in all of this either.  As reported in the Drinks Business, Rosé Champagne has enjoyed increased sales volumes with shipments to the UK up 7% in 2010.

With celebrities such as Brad and Angelina capitalising on the demand for rosé with their much hyped Miraval Rosé, it seems like the rosé trend is set to continue for a while. And with that in mind, I am going to take advantage of an ever growing range of rosé and ensure that my wine rack has a greater presence of pink going forward!

Here’s what’s on my rosé radar at the moment.

Les Arbousiers Coteaux du Languedoc Cinsault Grenache Rose 2012

At just £7.99 this is my favourite rosé for everyday drinking.  It is pretty, pale pink and light, and is wonderfully refreshing!

les arbouisers

Domaine Michel Girard Sancerre Rose 2012

I never tire of this wine.  It’s a great wine for drinking on a hot summer’s day with great company.

sancerre rose

Domaine de Rimauresq Provence Rose 2012

When you are looking to splash out a little more on a Rosé, this wine fits the bill perfectly.   It’s a great rosé for food.


Famille Perrin Luberon Rose 2012

I have yet to try this rosé but judging by the rest of the wines made by this winery (and they fact that they helped make Brangelina’s Miraval Rose), this is set to be a stunner!

luberon rose



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