Rockers Love Riesling! Pop Fans Partial To Sauvignon Blanc

1980 rockers are more likely to pick up a bottle of beautiful German Riesling than the hard liquor and beer associated with the heavy rock genre according to recent research. The Daily Telegraph published a report recently which suggested the ageing demographic of heavy rockers from the 80’s had a taste for Riesling.


Bands such as Guns ‘N’ Roses and Queen had a devout following during their peak in the 1980’s and those same fans now have a taste for something a little more sophisticated than heavy liquor. In a survey over 2,000 adults it was discovered that rockers reveled in Riesling and Pop fanatics were scurrying for Sauvignon Blanc. The pop category covered classic pop bands such as The Beatles and Abba as well as modern day acts like Katy Perry.

Classical music fans were more likely to enjoy a glass of Gewurztraminer while enjoying Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

So we want to know if this rings true for our customers. We want to know what your favourite genre of music is, as well as what your favourite grape variety is as well. Leave a comment below.


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