Reviewing Ca’Vegar Custoza DOC

Stuart Brown
Author – Stuart Brown

Everyone says the best part of having your name pulled from the hat to write a review is the tasting part. But just taking the bottle home, getting it to the right temperature, pretentiously swirling your glass, taking a mouthful and pulling air through your teeth just isn’t hedonistic enough for me.

That’s not how we drink wine anyway. I’m reviewing from the customer’s perspective, not the buyer. I want to drink wine because I love wine. Not because I want to sound clever by being overly critical about everything I taste. Plus the ‘pulling-air-through-my-teeth’ bit – I’m not very good at that, and it’s not going to impress the opposite sex up the pub!

So, to review a wine, incorporate a little hedonism, and have a good time, you’ll need some nibbles, preferably from the same region as your wine, a nice dinner, some company and, most importantly, a second bottle!

I begun by having a little read up about the Ca’Vegar Custoza on the Virgin Wines website. I usually do this before I taste any wine as I don’t have the greatest palate and I want an idea of what I’m about to taste.

The Experts

“This Custoza proudly reflects its place of origin, exhibiting class and freshness in abundance.” – Andy Baker

“Pear and tropical fruit on the nose with masses of mineral character on the palate and an incredibly long, nutty finish.” – Andy Baker

So, I get a bit excited. I love fresh, minerally wine. I also learn its Garganega, Trebbiano and Cortese – three grapes I really like as single varietals.

Out comes the fare. We’ve got a focaccia, some mozzarella, basil, and sundried tomato and of course a platter of cold meats. My first impression of the Ca’Vegar is the depth of flavour. Pears and some tropical fruits. It’s really nice and obvious, very fresh as described. I had a mouthful of focaccia and a bit of mozzarella first, and the wine has cleansed my palate leaving me wanting more.

As the bottle warmed, the tropical flavours become more pronounced and I’m enjoying the long, nutty finish mentioned on the website. The bottle is gone, and so is the scran.

The most important part of a food or drink review is the question: Do I want more? It’s pretty damning is the answer is no. In the case of the Ca’Vegar – the answer is a definite yes.

The Perfect Combination

I’m now serving up the main meal. Northern Italian cuisine tends to use less tomato and more butter and cream. That makes the wife happy because she’s obsessed with dairy! So I’ve slow cooked some veal (ethically sourced) in some white wine, onion, garlic and rosemary. I’m serving it alongside a delicious creamy, cheesy baked ziti that would make the Sopranos proud. We’ve also got a bit of garlic bread on the side. So my wife’s started doing her annoying Peter Kay impression before she’s even opened the second bottle.

The second bottle goes down a treat. My favourite thing about the Ca’Vegar is how well it cuts through the salt and cream, and how well it’s very pronounced flavours come through over even the strong garlic. It’s very moreish. Very moreish.

I’ll definitely be buying 6 bottles of the Ca’Vegar to see me though the rest of the summer. Or I may actually buy a bit more as I can actually see this going down really well at Christmas with the family.

It’s been another enjoyable review. Hopefully my name gets pulled from the hat again soon!


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    Stuart this was a great (funny / entertaining) review, totally agree, love this wine. Garlic…Bread !

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