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We’ve worked with Finca Manzanos for quite some time, and it’s their tireless dedication to the craft that makes their wine just so incredibly delicious. We had chance to ask Victor Manzanos, CEO of the Finca Manzanos winery and 5th generation of his family to run the estate a series of questions. Read below to find out what he loves about his job, his sporting idol and how he would sum up Finca Manzanos.

If you would like to read more about Finca Manzanos, be sure to head over to their winemaker page.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself…

incredibly ambitious and dynamic, determined person, very hard working, kind of shy. Love to travel and broaden my horizons.

Where did it all start for you in the wine world?

When I was born! I woke up in the middle of vineyards and learned to walk in one of our wineries!

Tell us a little bit about the winery where you work…

Elegant château-style building, four floors underground, it was designed by my father with the aim to make the very best wine, as there is no need to manipulate the wine. He used the concept of gravity.

Who is your favourite male and female celebrity?

Warren Edward Buffett! And Laura Mateo Cuadrado, my girlfriend!

Aside from Spain of course, what is your favourite country?

Could not choose one, because I still have to visit some good candidates!! But now I can say that UK brings me very good memories as I have been studying there. The US is also a country that fascinates me and I have close friends that were born there!

What is your very first memory of wine?

I remember when I was a child around five and I used to come riding my bike to the winery with my grandfather!

Who inspires you?

My Father, he keeps being an inspiration for me and helps me every day.

Would you rather have a glass of Port or Sherry?

I think I’d rather have lots of Rioja. I love Rioja wine and if I can find Rioja on the menu, I will ask for it!

What really gets you excited about the wine world?

It is an elegant world, it is not a real job, but kind of a way of life.  You get to know very interesting people and you can travel the world with the excuse of wine


How do you pass your time outside of wine?

If I am not at the winery I should be travelling or skiing or having something to drink at Voché wine bar!

What band is in your CD player at the moment?

I always listen pop but not one single band!

I play guitar – do you play an instrument?

Describe ‘Manzanos Wines’ in 3 words…tradition, innovation and modernity.

Describe Spain in one word…


What’s your favourite dish in the world?

Now? Spaghetti Quattro Formaggi!

Favourite dish to cook yourself?

Oh..I am not a good cook really.

What would your famous last words be?

If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?

Who is your football team?

Real Madrid of course, but I am not a big supporter really.

Who is your sporting hero?

Rafa Nadal has impressed me, he is a very good example of personal growth.

What was your sweet first car?

My first car was a Volvo C70, beige and with leather seats, it was my first year at uni so when I think of it I have very good memories!! I still have it in the garage

Ice cream flavour of choice?

Not ice cream, but chocolate ice cream milkshake is my favourite!

How would you take your martini – shaken or stirred?  

Not really fan of it, white Rioja wine instead!

Tell us your most annoying habit…

I am not the one to ask…but I believe I have a couple of annoying habits!

We are all superheroes. What is your magic power?

Creation. I keep coming up with new ideas of expanding or creating new businesses!


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