Q&A With Dr John Forrest

A couple of weeks ago I headed out to the Anchor in Walberswick, a lovely pub in Sufflok, to meet John and the team from one of our key New Zealand producers, Forrest Estate. With the World Cup in full flow it was a great chance to watch a couple of games, enjoy a glass or two of wine and have a very informal chat about how things have been going at the estate.

Armed with laptop and trusty list of questions I set about getting an insight into this legendary Kiwi winemaker…


Who is your favourite female celebrity?

Halle Berry

Aside from New Zealand of course, what is your favourite country?


What is your very first memory of wine?

Barista Pearl

Who inspires you?

Tim Wallace – NZ paraplegic aviator

A glass of Port or Sherry?

Sherry- Dry Olorosso

What really gets you excited about the wine world?

The excitement & pleasure of good wines

How do you pass your time outside of wine?

Fishing & family

What band is in your CD player at the moment?

Savage Garden

Describe ‘Forrest Estate’ in 3 words…

Constant high quality

Describe ‘New Zealand’ in one word…


What’s your favourite dish in the world?

Foie Gras

Favourite dish to cook yourself?

Wairau River whitebait!

What would your famous last words be?

I’ve done it my way!

Who is your football team (I don’t trust a man without one!)?

Manchester United

Who is your sporting hero?

Wayne Rooney

What was your sweet first car?

Morris Minor 1000

Icecream flavour of choice?

Hokey Pokey

How would you take your martini – shaken or stirred?


Tell us your most annoying habit…

Thinking too fast for people to follow

We are all superheroes. What is your magic power?

Give people pleasure in wine.

So there you have it, John is a Manchester United fan, who’d have thunk it! As an ardent Liverpool fan that was pretty hard to write down and when he backed it up with Wayne Rooney as his sporting hero I nearly spat out my Sauvignon! Needless to say I moved swiftly on. We can’t all agree on everything.

On the wine front we are in discussions about launching a new project with Beth, John’s daughter, so watch out for something exciting in the not too distant future…


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