Preparing For A Busy Tasting Tour This Summer

Throughout the year we hop onto a bus and head to cities throughout the country, with a couple of hundred bottles of wine, some cheesy nibbles and a lot of excitement. So far this year we have visited the likes of London, York, Manchester and Oxford. However that’s just the start, we still have 18 venues to visit and over the next two months, we’ll be going into overdrive taking in 7 cities for 8 tastings.

National 4

We still have tickets available, so don’t forget to click HERE to get yours booked before it’s too late. Tastings give you the perfect opportunity to take your way through our range without any commitment to buy. For the price of a ticket you’ll be offered a Virgin Wines branded glass (yours to keep at the end) a tasting brochure and the opportunity to taste a whole host of wines, including champagne and fortified.

At the end of the event, if you would like to place an order for a case of wine, you’ll get your ticket price off the cost of the order (technically making the tasting a free event) and a bottle of wine to take home with you to enjoy that evening, you can’t ask much fairer than that! It’s always a great day out with a lot of laughs, just remember to book that taxi to get yourself off home

Tasting events coming up: Cardiff, Belfast, Cambridge, Liverpool, Newcastle and Birmingham. So if you live around the area, make sure you check out our tasting page to get your tickets booked.


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